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Decluttering & Organizing

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Declutteing & Organizing

Is there an area in your home that weighs you down, making you feel “ugh” that you just can’t seem to master? Mastering those areas is my gifting. Let me come alongside and tame the clutter monster for you so that you can walk into that area, instead of rushing past, or feeling discouraged every time you see it, you can enjoy that space. I work with you and I do not impose my style on your space. I make your space work for your style, whether by creating attractive displays or putting items away into storage. I will help you evaluate and assess what you want to keep, then organize, so when you want these items you can find them. I will help you make your work space easier to function in, whether the room is a kitchen, garage, hobby room or bedroom.

I am a person who needs tranquility in my surroundings because my life has been so chaotic and I know the benefit of coming home to a soothing welcoming place that is my retreat from the chaos of the world. I desire to make that happen for other people to make their home a haven and something that gives them joy and makes their life easier to maintain. I create that soothing, welcoming atmosphere but not sterile and not chaotic. Most people do not enjoy chaos. They enjoy “homey” atmospheres where they can chill out and rest from the world. I can help you achieve these goals.

I am nonjudgmental and tame that clutter monster that diminishes your quality of life. I want to leave you with a space that gives you joy and soothes your spirit rather than weighing you down. That is my goal and purpose. I want to leave you happy with a space that is maintainable.

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