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Selling your home and moving can be such a trying ordeal because constant readiness is needed for short-notice viewing. I can help you achieve that goal and make the moving process easier and the showing process a breeze. The main idea of staging is to sell your home in the first couple of weeks or month so you are not on tender-hooks for six months or a year trying to sell with your life is on hold. Waiting a lengthy period for your house to sell causes extreme stress to households, as you delay moving on to your next home and next stage in your life.

Just Imagine

A Typical Scenario

Your partner has a new job in another city and you are stuck trying to wrap things up and move on so you can get your family back together and maybe you are trying to sell with children and pets and getting the house ready to show at short notice to take advantage of a buyer opportunity. This scenario is a nightmare and I can help make this an easy, pleasant process so you sell in quick order. I have been there. I had a business in construction, four children and pets to move and I know how hard it can be. I have been able to sell for top price in short order and that is what I want to help you do.

Whether you are

a realtor or home owner

Whether you are a realtor or a householder, I can work with you for minimal cost. Staging can be applied to any part of or all of your home; playrooms, linen closets, kitchens and bathrooms, etc. Preferably staging should be done before the Realtor takes the first pictures to put up with your listing. The key to my process is to pack away excess in every room and cupboard of your home. This will give you a head start on your packing for once you move so when you sell there is much less left to do because the majority of your packing has already been done.

With my staging services, when potential clients open your cupboards, and they will, they won’t see them packed to overflowing, they see more room. This sells them on the idea that if they buy this home they will have room for their belongings and not be crowded out and your home will be easier to maintain. Thin down extra pictures and furniture for roominess.

I can help you present your home in the best possible light and help you stand out from the crowd and make people think “I want this home” and help you catch that first wave of buyers who have been looking for a home and have not yet found it. I can help your house shine for buyer’s attraction instead of being show ready for many months and have to drop your price in order to sell or give up on your dream of getting to move on to your new location. Let me come alongside and make this trying time as easy as possible so you can move on to your new home and goals.

My services vary from a consultation appointment to advise you on ideas for your particular home and situation, to staging the main portions of your home, to a full home staging package.

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